Sharing successes and failures

“Our way of life is threatening our way of life.”
William Day

The world we live is increasingly complex. We believe the issues of our times can only be addressed by promoting collaboration between various actors that are not accustomed to working with each other. We believe in the power of stories, of both sucess and failure. And we like to share them.

Here we offer some honest reflections on issues that we have come across in our journey. In an era of fake news, it is easy to put a gloss over any story. The portrait of “perfect” professional and personal lives is putting enormous pressure on our physical and mental health. We believe humans are imperfect and that we have to embrace our “whole” selves with all our lights and shadows. With that in mind, our stories Blog is an account of how we feel and the questions we have about the topics we consider.

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Current and previous stories

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Today, 33% of city dwellers live in slums. By 2050 half of the world’s population will live in slums. “How can … More info

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”

Albert Einstein
Life is always beautiful and successful … More info

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