Sicoob Brazilian Bank’s Applied Social Project

We worked with PUC-PR University to design and run a module of their Executive Programme for Sicoob Cooperative Bank on an Applied Social Project. Using Oasis’¬†Whole Person Approach, we introduced innovative tools that allowed participants to consider how they could bring more of themselves to their lives, work and communities. Exploring Mega Trends, participants worked in groups to identify leverage points on the Bank, where social projects could have the largest impact.

We split the programme in four cohorts of approximately 30 participants each: Director, Regional Managers, Branch Managers and Assistants (junior staff). The structure of the workshops varied according to the skills needed to be developed in each cohort. With the group of directors, for example, we explored their vision of the Bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Whereas with the junior staff, we explored listening skills and also how generation Y deals with short attention span and capacity to complete tasks.