3rd place AEA’s video contest: What does speaking truth to power mean to me?

This one minute animation is a snapshot of our thinking on two broad topics: truth and power. Winning the 3rd place in the video contest at the 2018 conference of the American Evaluation Association, it explores briefly how data and informaiton in evaluations can be transformed into power and action on the results. However, what speaking truth to power means can have a myriad of explanations, depending who you ask and how you ask.

One common thread, no matter the context, is the post-truth era that we leave in. How do we uncover the truth, with so many versions of the truth around? In particular, how to discover the truth during evaluations, where those being evaluated can feel threatened and interrogated and might instinctively want to hide the truth?

Our experience has shown that the first step to make the truth emerge is to role model it. When evaluators are themselves, it helps to put those been evaluated at ease. This was certainly the case in the Evaluation of C&A, C&A Foundation and Save the Children’s Global Humanitarian Partnership. By applying the Whole Person Approach, we went beyond participatory approaches that enabled difficult messages to be said, accepted and acted on.

Sharing our experience is important to us. Hopefully it will inspire others to follow similar new ways of working. There is a chance to hear directly from Isabela Souza, our Principal Consultant, and Lee Alexander Risby, Head of Effective Philanthropy at C&A Foundation at AEA’s 2018 conference in Cleveland on Fri 2 Nov from 2:15pm to 3:15pm [CC – 15]. If you are there, check it out! If you’d like to know more, but can’t attend, get in touch with us!


Isabela Souza

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