Inspirational Partners

We are co-founders of Learning from Women to Reimagine the Future: a collaborative virtual process designed to bring to life a mosaic of experiences of women who are creating pockets of a future where people and planet really matter, pursuing a fair society in balance with planetary boundaries.

We believe that things change when those who are unheard or who have been marginalised finally get a voice. This is why we decided to learn from women around the world whose experiences are not being shared. We believe we can only create a better future if we broaden narratives and if we are open to learning from women, not about them.

We support INTRAC‘s mission to strengthen the effectiveness of civil society to challenge poverty and inequality, empowering people to gain greater control over their own future. We work closely with their Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Team. INTRAC’s M&E Universe is part of the pool of resources we sign-post our clients to.

Oasis School of Human Relations is one of our main partners. We have been working with them in different capacities since 2008. Guided by their Whole Person Approach, Isabela Souza became an Oasis Associate in 2013. She has subsequently become a qualified Whole Person Facilitator

Working with Oasis we also collaborate with the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative (GRLI). The GRLI was founded in 2004 by the UN Global Compact and the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD). Together with Chris Taylor, Oasis’ Core Associate, we bring the Whole Person Approach to MBA programmes exploring how Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Governance are can form part of organisations’ structure and practices to ensure a positive contribution to society and the environment.