We are a one-woman band that joins forces with strategic partners to bring innovative and creative ways of working and learning for a more equitable and just planet.

Isabela Souza is behind all aspects of our work. With a background in Mechanical and Production Engineering (PUC – Rio de Janeiro) and a Master’s in Environment and Development (London School of Economics), she has a truly international portfolio career.

Over the last a 25-years, Isabela has worked in the private sector, niche and multi-national consultancies, academia and NGOs.

Through Ar&Terra Consultancy, Isabela provides advice on international development to governments, foundations and multi-agency cooperations in the UK and overseas.

Our projects span continents:

  • Africa: Sierra Leone, South Africa, and Mozambique
  • Asia: Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Nepal
  • Europe: UK, Germany, Italy and Switzerland
  • Latin America: Brazil, Ecuador, El Salvador, Panama, Peru and Colombia

As a part-time academic, Isabela helps university students to embed sustainability in their professional and personal lives.

And it does not stop there. Isabela also co-runs her parents’ family business of short lets and property development. Responsibilities range from finances and legal to online presence and social media strategy implementation.

Isabela is a dual British-Brazilian citizen. In addition to English and Portuguese, she speaks fluent Spanish. Her hobbies include photography, cycling and scuba-diving. She lives in south-west London.


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