Climate Ambition Support Alliance (CASA), UK BEIS

What we did

Outcome Maps

We supported Climate Ambition Support Alliance’s (CASA) partners and the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) during the development of CASA’s monitoring and evaluation and learning (MEL) framework.

CASA’s purpose is to increase the capacity and capability of climate-vulnerable country negotiators to engage in international climate negotiations, helping to preserve and enhance the rules-based international system and increase appetite for higher ambition.

Together with our INTRAC colleagues, we have facilitated the development of the programme’s Theory of Change (ToC). We have also worked with the consortium of nine NGOs delivering the project to draw outcome maps that would then be used to measure the progress of what is a rather complicated area of work.


How we did it

Participatory Processes

Alongside our colleagues at INTRAC, we led a participatory monitoring evaluation and learning (MEL) process. We engaged with PwC (CASA programme lead) and its seven alliance partners: Climate Analytics, DAI, Germanwatch, International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), Independent Diplomat, Legal Response International (LRI), and ODI.

Working collaboratively with each alliance partner, we helped them to utilise outcome mapping methodology and set progress markers to rate the degree of system change – from negative to transformative change. We have also helped them to self-assess the level of contribution from each partner to the change.


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